Kaki-Gori - Snack of the Week!

2017-07-23 17.55.29.jpg

It's been a pretty crazy week here in Florida. I hope any readers who were in the path of Hurricane Irma are safe - as for us, our electricity just came back last night, so I am here to bring a little bit of Disney today - through food, of course. Last week we went to Kabuki Cafe in the Japan Pavilion, and today we're going to be hitting up the same spot, but this time we're grabbing the kiosk's signature snack: Kaki-Gori!

So you may look at the Kaki-Gori and think "well, that just looks like a Sno-Cone, I've had those before, what's the big deal?" In my experience, the Kaki-Gori at Epcot has ice that is shaved a little thicker than your standard Sno-Cone. The flavors featured at Kabuki Cafe are strawberry, melon, tangerine, cherry, and rainbow (a mix of all of the above.) The syrups aren't overly sweet, letting the natural qualities of the flavors of the fruit shine through more, giving a certain cleanness to the overall flavor.

If you really want to upgrade your Kaki-Gori experience, though, consider spending the extra $1 for a drizzle of sweet milk. They cover the top of the mound of snow with sweetened condensed milk, which gives the treat a sweeter, creamier texture. While this works well with any flavor, I particularly love it with the tangerine, as it bring the flavors of a creamsicle to this little icy bit of goodness.

So next time you're in Epcot on a hot day (in other words - almost all of the time in Florida), don't just stroll on by the Kabuki Cafe to run into the air conditioning of Mitsukoshi Department Store (but do go in there - it's one of my favorite stores to get lost in for a while), grab yourself a nice Kaki-Gori in your flavor of choice (or all of them!) and take a few moments to look out over the World Showcase Lagoon through the torii gate or wander through the serene gardens that make up the multiple terraces of the seating for Katsura Grill and enjoy a sweet treat.

Until next time, everyone, stay magical!