Please note: Some of these are not perfectly lined up with their cuisine type, but I did my best to sort them appropriately!


African Fruit Fool - Boma
Brown Elephant (Cocktail) - Refreshment Coolpost
Ginger Carrot Soup - Boma
Mealie Pap - Tusker House
Peanut Butter Rice - Boma
Zebra Domes - Boma
Zebra Domes (Gluten Free) - Boma


Cedar Plank Salmon - Artist Point
Cheesecake Brownies - Boardwalk Bakery
Cheesy Potatoes - Restaurantosaurus
Cornbread Stuffing - Liberty Tree Tavern
Cornbread and Apple Stuffing - The Garden Grill
Cranberry Relish - The Garden Grill
Dad's Electric Lemonade - 50's Prime Time Café
Dole Whip - Aloha Isle Refreshments
Flame Tree Barbecue Sauce - Flame Tree Barbecue
Fried Boursin Cheese - 50's Prime Time Café
Grass Fed Beef Sliders with Pimento Cheese - F&W Festival - Hops & Barley (2015)
The Grey Stuff - Be Our Guest
Hoop-Dee-Doo Cornbread - Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue
Johnny Appleseed Cake - Liberty Tree Tavern
Jumbo Turkey Legs - Frontierland Turkey Cart
Key Lime Mustard Sauce - Olivia's
LeFou's Brew - Gaston's Tavern
Leftover Stuffing Waffles with Turkey, Gravy, and Homemade Cranberry Sauce - Epcot HAW - Promenade Refreshments
Main Street Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookies - Main Street Bakery
Maine Lobster Roll - F&W Festival - United States (2008)
Marinated Strawberries with Basil - F&W Festival - Argentina (2006)
Orange-Cranberry Bread Pudding - F&W Festival - Hops & Barley (2013)
Oreo Milkshake - Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant
Peanut Butter & Jelly Milkshake - 50's Prime Time Café
Peanut Butter-Banana-Candied Bacon Pie - Boardwalk Bakery

Pumpkin Fudge - Main Street Confectionery
Sally Lunn Rolls - Liberty Tree Tavern
Very Merry Christmas Party Snickerdoodles - Magic Kingdom
Strawberry Soup - 1900 Park Fare
Turkey Gravy - Liberty Tree Tavern
Urban Mary (Cocktail) - F&G Festival - Urban Eats
Watermelon Passion Fruit Slush - F&G Festival - Florida Fresh


Chilled Rose Blush Lemonade - F&G Festival - United Kingdom Buttercup Cottage
Cold-Brewed Berry Tea Cocktail - F&G Festival - United Kingdom Buttercup Cottage
Field Greens Salad - F&G Festival - United Kingdom Buttercup Cottage
Lemon Scones - F&G Festival - United Kingdom Buttercup Cottage
Loch Lomond - F&W Festival - Scotland


Cheddar Cheese Soup - Le Cellier Steakhouse
Cream Cheese Mashed Potatoes - Le Cellier Steakhouse


Beijing Candied Strawberries - F&G Festival - China Lotus House


Pongu Lumpia - Pongu Pongu - Pandora: World of Avatar


Puffed French Toast - Crystal Palace
Gratin de Macaroni - Les Chefs de France
Onion Tart - F&W Festival - France (2002)


Florentine Cookies - Biergarten
German Soft Pretzels - Biergarten
Gingerbread Cookies - Gingerbread House
Hot Paprika Schnitzel - Biergarten
Kartoffelkloesse (German Potato Dumplings) - Biergarten
Nudel Gratin - Biergarten
Werther's Baking Caramel-Mocha Iced Coffee - Epcot HAW - Germany Christkindlmarkt
Werther's Salted Caramel Drink - Epcot HAW - Germany Christkindlmarkt


Tzatziki Martini - F&W Festival - Greece


Mango Lassi - Sanaa
Naan Bread - Sanaa
Spicy Potato and Pea Samosas - Tusker House


Frushi - F&G Festival - Hanami Japan
Miso Udon - F&W Festival - Japan (2015)
Tuna Sensation - F&W Festival - Japan (2010)


Salsa Verde - La Hacienda de San Angel
Sweet Corn Cheesecake - F&W Festival - Mexico (2014)

Native American

Three Sisters Soup (2007) - F&W Festival - Oklahoma (2007)


Frozen Szarlotka (Apple Pie) Cocktail - F&W Festival - Poland


Kungaloosh - Original (Cocktail) - Adventurer's Club
Lapu Lapu (Cocktail) - Tambu Lounge
'Ohana Bread Pudding - 'Ohana
'Ohana Green Beans - 'Ohana
'Ohana Pineapple Breakfast Bread - 'Ohana
Seven Tiki Mai Tai - F&W Festival - Hawaii
Tonga Toast - Kona Café


Cinnamon Sugar Lefse - Kringla Bakeri Og Cafe
Orange-Horseradish Chicken Salad - Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

South American

Beef Empanadas - F&W Festival - Patagonia
Corn and Cheese Arepas - F&W Festival - Chile (2009)
Pao de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Puffs) - F&W Festival - Brazil (2015)